Plan a Dream Wedding Without the Heavy Price Tag

Every girl has mental notes and ideas of what her wedding day will look like. And in some cases, many guys also have that imagery in their heads. However, what often prevents us from reaching and achieving those goals are financial concerns. Fortunately, having limited finances doesn’t mean that you can’t plan a dream wedding on a budget.
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Weddings can be pretty expensive ventures! However, with a little creativity and innovation, you can easily plan a dream wedding without the five-figure price tag you have stuck in your head!

Ideas for Getting the Wedding You Always Wanted

Planning a dream wedding can be loads of fun and it can be much more exciting if you’re able to do it on a budget.

Try these great tips to plan your dream wedding on a budget:

1. Limit the guest list. Of course, you would want to invite all of your friends and family members from around the globe to your wedding. However, if you’re planning a ceremony that’s meaningful and affordable, then you may want to invite only the ones who are closest to you.

• Don’t worry about it – people will understand that times are rough financially and will still wish you only the best.

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• Make the most of who you can invite and treat them to a special celebration!

2. Choose an affordable location. In a lot of cases, people spend tons of money on the perfect location for their wedding and reception. However, you can still get that perfection by beautifying a less expensive location. You’d be surprised at how easily simplicity can turn into perfection!

• Do you have a friend with a fabulous backyard?

• Are you opposed to getting married in a City Hall building?

• Wouldn’t the park across the street serve as a wonderful location for your wedding?

3. Make your own invitations. This is one of the easiest ways to save money while planning your big dream wedding. There are many websites available where you can buy the basic accessories and raw materials to make your own wedding invitations.

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• There’s no need to accommodate the hefty price tag extended by graphic designers and printers who make wedding invitations.

• Get your creative juices flowing and make some of the most beautiful invitations you have ever seen.

4. Rent instead of purchase. Although many girls like to have their wedding dresses to look back on years down the road, those very dresses could end up with mold and mildew two or three years later.

• Why not avoid mildew madness and take the route of renting your wedding dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, tuxedos and whatever else you can?

• It works out much cheaper to rent than having to buy those things at the get-go.

5. Utilize family and friends. It’s very likely that you have friends or family members who have talents that could prove very useful for your wedding.

• Catering, for example, is something that you could get done by your trusty cousin who just completed a culinary degree.

• Your best friend who works at the flower shop down the street could provide decorations.

• And the band from college could probably do a good job at entertaining your guests at the reception.

When dreaming of your big wedding, there’s really no need to also dream about dollar signs. It’s very possible to have the wedding you always wanted at a price your pocket will definitely appreciate. Spend a little time thinking about what’s available to you and what options you can utilize to get your dream wedding on a budget!

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